Tuesday, October 11, 2011

first duck egg of fall

I found my first duck egg in about 3 months. It has cooled down considerably and the ducks like it apparently.

This coming weekend well be heading up to the new place to set up pens, coop and enclosures. I think I'm going to separate the ducks and chickens. The garden they share now is quite large, but the chickens are very greedy and eat everything. The ducks eat twice as much as the chickens. I'm going through too much feed This way And Its getting difficult to convince Lover the ducks are worth it.

The chickens will eat pretty much any of our kitchen scraps- the ducks wont. If I can separate them the chickens will thrive on Just our kitchen scraps and left over skim milk from the goats. The ducks can't.

So have a large pen already on the property for the goats but no shelter. The one We have now stays here.

We need a house for the goats a coop for the ducks and another for the chickens. We need yet another for the tortoises.

Its going to be a busy weekend.
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