Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whats been going on. . .

We purchased two Peking ducklings over the weekend. Admittedly,  they were an impulse buy on lovers part and are living in quarantine for Tue next 4 weeks. We always quarantine new acquisitions .
They are quite entertaining I have to say. They look so silly waddling around!!

Ive been spending much time buying and unraveling natural fiber sweaters for the purpose of resale. My hope is to generate enough dough to cover our hay habit! I may put a PayPal button on both of my pages. I want my recycled yarn to be set apart from other sellers, so I have been dying and re-plying some of the yarns as well. I have to admit some of it will be hard to let go of!

We finally got some drywall done as well! I can't believe what a huge difference it makes in lessoning the dark cavelike feel of the house. It reflects so much more light than the dark brown insulation!

So Anyway- here are some pics

Monday, March 19, 2012

What spring time brings

The weather has been beautiful.  The days are getting longer. The ducks and chickens are busy laying.

Many of my seedlings died, but I have time to start again! 

On the unhappy side of things, lily gave birth to a stillborn buckling yesterday.  He was about 6 weeks too early. I feel so bad for her. She nudged him and tried to be a mama to him. I spoiled her. She got extra grain and beat gulp and some watermelon. She was upset when I took her boy away.

She is Orchids dam. She didn't get to raise Orchid either, bit they have since bonded and spend a lot of time together. Lily will not be bred again. She just doesn't seem to carry well. Poor thing. She's the goat version of Charlie Browns Christmas tree.