Monday, November 21, 2011

feathery PTSD

My ducks and chickens started laying quite nicely a few weeks ago. Our move has put a stop to that however. I'm not sure if its the stress of the move or the cols nights. I'm guessing a combination of both. The chickens have been here for about 5 days and the ducks, 3. None are laying.

Jagger got out of the temporary chicken tractor ( 3 by 6 iron birth cage layer on its side) but never leaves his girls. Its parked under a
Mesquite tree which be happily calls home.

This week I'm finishing up the insulation in the house. Luckily the house is quite small so it will go quickly. This weekend we finish up the plumbing. I plan on setting up the grey water recycling for the washing machine . At present the washing machine water is set up to drain I to the toilet so the flushes as with grey water. We can't keep it this way though because we'd have to change too much to make it permanent.  Bit its working out for now. Our tub raised so I want to devise a plan to use the tub water for the toilet. I'm.working on it.

Hopefully next month we'll be able to start the drywall. If we can at least get the master bedroom done we can move out of the trailer and into the house!

Here are more random pics of stuff pertaining to my life in the form of bathroom inspiration. Note: I did not take these pics and I don't know who did. They are images of stuff for sale in Internetland.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chicken orchard! !!

As I sit in my fifth wheel, gazing out the window, I find myself daydreaming about potential.

My thought process started with privacy hedge but ended up at orchards. I have a somewhat bothersome neighbor. Well, my neighbor isn't so bothersome,  bit their dogs are. Anywhoo- I haven't had a neighbor within  miles of my home for years, so now that I have some it weird.
So I was thinking g about privacy hedges. There is a triangular patch in the corner of my front yard that already has two water spigots on it. At first I was thinking leyland cypress,  along the slightly curved edge of this triangle. But they would block not only the neighbors but my mountain views as well. There are also two power line poles in there.

So then I started wondering what I could use as a hedge that only grew tall enough to block the houses from view. I instantly thought of a pomegranate hedge.

Somehow pomegranate lead to fig.. and then peach.. and that lead to small orchard. I can fit about twenty trees in this triangle.

Well if I'm going to plant all those fruit trees I might as well fence the whole thing in, plop a small coop in the middle an have a chicken yard amongst the orchard. They can eat bugs and windfall fruit while keeping g the soil nice and fertilized.

I'm not sure what Lover will think of the idea, being fairly traditional an preferring the critters to be in the back.

I can manipulate it a bit. I can say the trees will block the two houses and insulate the sound of the dogs. I'll mention how much money we'll save by not having to run more waterlines to the back of the property.

I'll leave the chickens out all together.. I'll just slowly transition them over.. it will be our little secret. ;-)

My only concern is the crowing rooster is going to upset the barking g dogs. Burning can put them anywhere on our 5 acres and a neighbors dog will no doubt, bark. I guess my next option would be to sound insulate the coop to keep the crowing to a minimum.

One of my new neighbors has geese. I heard them carrying on this morning. It made to have geese for neighbors.  I wish the neighbor with the dogs had geese instead.

Here is a pic of my triangle. You really have to look for the roads in order to tell its a triangle at all. Now close your eyes and imagine it full of fruit trees!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Playing catch up!

We got quite a bit accomplished at the new place this weekend. I've had to cancel so many plans with this house. Its upsetting to me, butthen I remember this I what I've always wanted and my fabulousfriends will probably forgive me. Remodels are an obscene amount of work- even when you house is only 800sf.

Speaking of size, I think I need to getrid of more stuff but I don't really know what! I've always prided myself on not being materialistic and keeping things to a minimum ( and I suppose to the average Joe this holds true), but we are moving to a smaller place.
I think I can regime some more dishes and perhaps more of the kids toys ( especially since my kids are a bit spoiled and they get stuff all the time).

I had a difficult time thinning down my books. I think I gave away about 15, which is at least a box full.

I know this post isn't very interesting. ..its more of a mental check list for me.
So here are a couple interesting picks of future plans