Thursday, May 23, 2013


My only memories of having consumed okra are fond ones. My grandmother used to make the most delicious chili with okra being the second main ingredient.

She was from the south so it shouldnt be a surprise but at the time i just thought they were weird peppers.

I planted several okra plant this season. I put them all in different locations, with different soil mixes, in different containers.

The plant on the patio died. If i had to guess i would say it didnt receive enough sun.

The second is in a raised bed that gets at least 6 hours of morning sun and is primarily store bought potting mix. Nothing in this bed is doing very well.

The third was in a 3gallon pail consisting mostly of native sand with a top dressing of store bought compost. This plant was also getting about 6 hours of sun. But unlike the others it was thriving. It has been been chewed to bits by what i assume was grasshoppers (since i keep finding them). I would cloche it and withing two days it would be covered in new leaves again.

Since this little guy obviously has a strong will to live i decided to move it away from the patio garden and put it in the ground in the backyard garden.

Ive cloched it with my homemade feed bad cloche ( which i will blog about later)  to protect it from the two ducks and one chicken that live in there.

I expect this trooper of a southern classic veggie will be quite happy in its new home.

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