Sunday, June 2, 2013

How i prep my new beds

First a disclaimer. I do thing my way. I like to experiment and see what.happens. However I welcome advice and read ( a lot) about what others are  doing.

The first thing i do is pick a site. I usually watch it for a couple of days to see how much sun that spot gets.

I then find something to make a bed. I frequent the culled lumber section at the local home improvement storeand stock up. This little bed cost a whopping $2

I dig out the spot where the bed will be located. I go down about 18 inches. This is to loosen the soil as well as remove rocks and other debris.

I then line the hole with cardboard. I do thisso i dont have to throw it in the garbage and it also slows the rate ar which water drains through my sandy soil. I put the hose on low then carry a 5gal bucket out to the livestock for some manure.

When i get back the hole is full of water. I dump the manure in ( horse and cow aged a few months) and break up big pieces with a shovel or rake before adding two or three shovels of dirt. Then i stir stir stir!

Once its sufficiently mixed and the water has been absorbed by the dried manure and cardboard i finish filling in the hole and top dress with straw mulch. VOILA!

Ive shown the new zuchinni transplants with a shade cover. This helps reduce transplant shock from our hot desert sun.

By the way- the shade is being provided by an empty feed bag that has been cut open and attached to bamboo stakes with clothes pins

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